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Frequently Asked Questions

This means replicating a disc (CD or DVD) in the quantity you need.

You can order any amount you would like. From 1 to as many discs as you need.

Disc duplication can be conducted as a complex service, including any of the listed components or you can order any of the listed services separately:

  • – Provision of the digital carriers – CD or DVD discs;
  • – Recording information on the disc – the content, which is necessary;
  • – Full-color on-disc print – print of full image or just titles and logo;
  • – Paper packing/wraps, pamhlets, back-covers booklets and any other disc-box articules;
  • – Additional components – holder, plastic disc holder, cellophane wraps;
  • – Disc packing; machine cellophane-wrapping.


We offer other services related to disc duplication, such as: 

  • – Manufacture of commercial animated or video materials for the disc;
  • – Production of commercials or clips, video-editing;
  • – Combining pre-selected materials: videos, photo and audio materials in a new disc;
  • – Corrections, change in format, adding texts, headings, subtitles and menu for video;
  • – Design and prepress of covers, pamhlets, booklets, disc-pockets and other wraps.
  • – Depending on the discs, if they are CD or DVD;
  • – If you would like uploading a recording or printing on disc or both;
  • – If you would like disc wraps;
  • – If you will select ready made standard wraps for discs (disc-pockets or boxes) or if you will chose a disc-wrap according to your design.

The price can also depend on the time frame for a given order. If you need an express service the price can be higher.

  • – Standard white paper sleeves for discs; 
  • – Transparent polypropylene sleeves;
  • – Thin (5mm) or wide (10mm) jewel cases and other.;
  • – Rectangular (135 x 185mm) boxes.

The most frequent personalized print packages (including a design selected by you) are:

  • – Cardboard disc sleeves;
  • – Pamphlets, booklets and disc covers for thin (5mm) and wide (10mm) plastic boxes and other;
  • – Covers for rectangular boxes (135 x 185);
  • – Double or triple folded cardboard wraps with plastic holder (for the disc).

Yes,  for standard services and replication orders it is possible to calculate the price on your own. However, if you experience difficulties or are unsure of the functions of the calculator and the included options, do not hesitate to contact our team members.

Often the orders for disc duplication (replication) are more specific than the standard service provided. To make a specific request or consult staff for price you can click here or call us 02 974 42 92.

  • You can present a recorded and double checked disc (master disc). You are welcomed in our office in Sofia, Bulgaria or send this disc by courier service on this address.
  • You can give us access to your FTP or any other place where you have uploaded the information (file or ready-image on disc).
  • By asking for access to our FTP where you can upload files or ready-image on disc. Writte to us here.

Deciding upon CD or DVD depends largely on the size (quantity) of content. One disc CD can store information up to 700MB, one DVD can store up to 4.7GB (4.7GB = 4812.8MB). Therefore DVD discs can hold 7 times more information than CDs.

The choice of using a CD or DVD can also depend on the type of content or more specifically the file format of the information. For example, if you would like to record audio content in an AudioCD format then you would have to choose CD discs and fit the content in the frame of 80 minutes audio. If you would like to record video in the specific DVD-format you would have to choose DVD discs, even if your content is smaller than 4.7GB.

Yes, we could record/duplicate your information on USB-sticks.

  • We can record/duplicate your information on USB-sticks or external hard discs. If you need diskettes we could even multiply your information on diskettes.

This is the process of printing (aligning) an image on the surface of discs. This print can be in either full-color or black and white. The whole surface of the disc can be used for printing or only part of it, depending on your design and the needed printing surface. A whole image can be printed or just headings, titles, logs, etc.

The technology is diverse, but the print is always directly on the surface of the disc and not through sticking an additional sticker, paper or other materials. We can print any image directly on top of the disc: photos, graphical images, headings, logos or a combination of those elements.

You could provide a ready-made design (created by you or other specialists in the area of prepress) or you could ask us to design the image for you.

If you would like to send us a pre-prepared file for print, please follow the criteria below for size, color and positioning:

  • – Size: outside disc diameter 118mm, inside diameter 22mm.
  • – Resolution minimum 300dpi;
  • – Format of file: PDF; coloration CMYK;
  • – Following the design formatting remove the inside circle and leave the background image or color.

In most cases the file can be attached directly to the email with which you request the order. This depends on the size of the file and the file-size restriction of the mailbox. 

In case the file can not be sent as an email please use one of the websites for file transfer and send us a link to download it.

You can contact us through phone or email in order to discuss the type, quantity, components, deadline of the order, pricing, payment and the stages of production of the discs you need.

  • Inquiry of the order through email
  • – Discussion of all order components that you would like included in the duplication;
  • – Specify (create) the fails for print/recording on disc and the files for package printing;
  • – Specify and confirm the disc price following completion of the order on both sides until agreement is reached.
  • – Specify and estimate the time-frame (deadline) of the production and the place and time of delivery if necessary;
  • – Advance payment of 50% of the price of the order;
  • – Start and execution of the order; 
  • – Receiving the order at the office of BO Studio or delivery to the specified address;
  • Payment of the rest 50% of the price of the order.
  • – Commercial brand discs – presentation of a brand or brand products, brand profile etc.
  • – Information discs – technical communication and documentation of devices, materials, etc.
  • – Educational materials – audio, video, text lessons, self-guides, textbooks helpers, etc.
  • – Promotional discs – discs used for presents at professional events in association to commercial campaigns, etc.
  • – Archive discs – storage of documents, audio and video archives; 
  • – Authorship discs – music, films, books, other works of art – everything you hold copy rights over;
  • – Catalogues on discs – discs-catalogue with products, services, pharmaceutical information, prices, etc.
  • – Work and installation discs – current changes in brand software, updates, installation discs, etc.;
  • – Personal – invitations, portfolio, wedding invitations or presents, children parties or concerts, sport or work portfolio, memories.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.