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printing technologies

We could print any image directly on the CD or DVD surface – photos, captions, graphics, logos, and combinations of these elements. We use different technologies for CD printing, depending on the design and quantity.

Read more or ask us to find out which type of printing is best for your purpose. You can send us your design project, or you can rely on our professionals to make it for you.

Contact us to clarify the print file parameters, according to the print technology appropriate for your project.

Inkjet printing on CDs or DVDs

Direct print on CDs or DVDs using a printer that has a disc-mounted print cartridge. The quality is precise. For maximum durability, we apply an additional transparent varnish (UV varnish) to the surface of the disc after printing.

Inkjet printing is suitable for short-run orders. If you need one, five, or 50 pieces, you can send us a ready file and receive your discs on the same or the next business day. If you are outside of Sofia, you will receive the disks the next business day via the Econt couriers.

Digital printing of CDs or DVDs

Digital printing technology is a direct full-color printing on discs. It provides good image quality with specific, durable inks. The productivity of this printing technique is bigger than inkjet printing. Therefore, we use this technology for copies of up to 1000 discs. The quality is high, and the resolution is very good. The deadlines are short – within a few business days.

Screen printing on CDs or DVDs

Screen printing is one of the first image transfer technologies. It allows very detailed printing on many different materials, including printing on CDs or DVDs. Printing multicolor images is done by applying the colors one after the other. This makes screen printing relatively expensive for full-color projects.

The advantage of screen printing is the high density of ink that is applied. This avoids pixelation and allows for specific effects that are not possible with other methods. The printed image is very durable.
Screen printing is most often used up to 500 ​​CDs and DVDs and could be completed within 5 business days.

Offset printing on CDs or DVDs

Offset printing is a high-performance type of CD or DVD printing that we use for upwards of 1000 CDs.
The technology is similar to classic offset printing on paper. It involves transferring the image by decomposing it into color components (CMYK), and then applying each color individually, perfectly fitting the pad, which in this case is a CD or DVD.

We use offset printing when ordering larger quantities of disks. It allows for good quality and the lowest price per unit. Deadlines range from 3 to 10 business days, depending on the size of the print run.

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